Supporters like you

Stories of supporters who are passionate about giving people with a disability opportunities to lead a fulfilling life.

Meet some of our amazing supporters who have expressed their commitment to Aruma’s work of helping people with a disability live their best lives.
Drothy Watts

Dorothy Watts

Co-founder and Ambassador, House with No Steps

When my husband, Lionel, and I first began House with No Steps, I was awed by the enormity of the task ahead: How could we make even the slightest difference in a world resolute on hiding people with a disability?

“The value of such a gift cannot be measured. My heartfelt wish is that Aruma will be there for as long as disability exists.”

—Dorothy Watts

“This is a decision that has given [Lauren Henschke] great joy as she knows that even when she is not here, she will continue to support a cause she cares deeply for.”

Paula Henschke

Laura Henschke

Former Future Planning Manager

Laura Henschke shares why supporting House with No Steps (now known as Aruma) with a gift in her Will is so important to her.

Paul Alger

Paul Alger

Paul Alger describes his decision to include a gift in his Will for House with No Steps (now known as Aruma) as a demonstration of his commitment, and a very easy and happy decision on his part.

For Paul it was an easy decision, and a show of his commitment for people with a disability, to include a gift in his Will for Aruma. In this way he feels he can honour his lifelong commitment and continue his mission of looking after those who have been disadvantaged in life.

“Through our 30 years of being associated with House with No Steps (now known as Aruma), it has been our pleasure to be able to give from our hearts in many ways.”

—The Late Mr Halvorsen and Mrs Halvorsen

The Late Mr and Mrs Halvorsen

Trygve Halvorsen pictured above with Dorothy Watts

“Through our 30 years of being associated with House with No Steps (now known as Aruma), it has been our pleasure to be able to give from our hearts in many ways.”

Ros Hadley

Ros contacted us to inform that she had left a bequest in her Will. Here she shares her passion for Aruma.

“I feel fortunate that I can give something back to my local community – a community I love. It is a very good feeling indeed to be part of the future of House with No Steps (now known as Aruma).”

—Ros Hadley

Their generosity lives on through leaving a gift in their Will to Aruma. Kevin and Claudia liked to share their love and kindness with as many people as possible.

Kevin and Claudia Bazely

Kevin Bazely (1944–2015) & Claudia Bazely (1949–2015)

Kevin and Claudia were a very kind and generous couple who spent much of their lifetimes helping others.

Eric Thomas Laycock

Eric Thomas Laycock


Tom’s motto in life was: “If you want friends you have to be a friend.”

Tom was a regular hard-working Australian who always showed great love to those in his community and for those more disadvantaged. It is a fitting tribute that his kindness is celebrated forever through the ‘Partners in Dignity’, Book of Remembrance.

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A gift in your Will, no matter how big or small, will allow Aruma to continue with our mission of creating opportunities for people with a disability to make the most of their abilities.

For more information about our Partners in Dignity program, information about Wills or about leaving a gift in your Will, please call our Appeals and Future Planning Manager, Rebecca McCartney on 1800 016 766 or write to

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