Other ways to give

With your legacy gift to Aruma, you will be remembered for your commitment to promote, nurture, and uphold the dignity of countless people with a disability. There are many different ways help future generations make the most of their abilities.

Gifts of Property. People often enquire about making gifts of assets to Aruma during their lifetime, either as an alternative or additional to a gift in a Will. It is possible to make a direct gift of property which could be in the form of real estate, art works, jewelry or other assets. Such gifts are tax deductible in the same way as cash gifts, based on the value of the assets. Conditions can be attached to the gift, for example, provision for a person to live in the property during their lifetime. Benefits include:

  • Immediate tax savings.
  • Continued use of your property for life.
  • Satisfaction of knowing Aruma will have the benefit of your gift in the future.
  • Your gift passes to Aruma outside of the estate process.

Gifts of Cash. A donation of cash is a simple and effective way to create your legacy with Aruma. You benefit from a charitable tax deduction and have an immediate impact on our mission.

Gifts of Stock Shares. A donation of stock shares transferred directly to Aruma will provide a gift for the full value with no taxes to be paid.

Private Ancillary Funds and Donor Advised Funds. An easy way to give funds you have set aside for charitable causes, you may transfer funds from your Private Ancillary Fund or Donor Advised Fund directly to Aruma.

Please contact Rebecca McCartney, our Appeals and Future Planning Manager, by email or 1800 016 766 if you have any questions. Then consult with your financial advisor and estate planning solicitor to determine which planned gift strategy is best for you.