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By leaving a gift in your Will, you are making your wishes known.

We recognise that this is a very personal matter and it is something that needs to be discussed with your family and a lawyer. If you do not have a specialist solicitor, the following websites will be able to help you, or contact our Appeals and Future Planning Manager Rebecca McCartney.

Your intention to leave a gift to Aruma will need to be stated in your Will. You can choose whether you would like your gift to be officially recognised by Aruma or if you prefer to keep it private. But we do hope you will let us know so we can thank you!

When you inform us of your intention to leave a gift in your Will, with your permission, we would like to acknowledge your tremendous act of generosity by making you an exclusive member of Partners in Dignity.

To discuss making the ultimate gift of compassion, please contact Rebecca McCartney, our Appeals and Future Planning Manager, by email or 1800 016 766.