Gifts that cost you nothing now

An impact for generations to come.

Gift in a Will

Gifts in Will and gifts by beneficiary are two easy ways to make an impact for those in need for generations to come — and they don’t cost anything now.

Making a legacy gift in your Will or trust is one of the easiest and most popular ways to leave a gift for others to live out their lives with dignity and equality. Bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement or pension accounts, and other financial assets are options for supporting Aruma through a gift in your Will.


Here are the ways most people make this lasting gift for Aruma:

Residual gift in Will

Leaves Aruma a percentage of, or the remainder of your estate after other bequests, debts and taxes have been fulfilled.

Specific gift in Will

Leaves Aruma a specific dollar amount or stated fraction of your estate, or a specific gift in kind (collections, art, books, jewellery, etc.)

Family first gift in Will

Leaves Aruma a stated share of your estate, only if a spouse, family member or other beneficiary does not survive you.

Endowment/trust fund gift in Will

Leaves Aruma a donation that will keep on giving forever.

Senior couple meeting with agent or advisor.

Gifts by beneficiary nomination

Along with leaving a gift in a Will or giving through a trust fund, gifts by beneficiary nomination are among the easiest gifts to make.

You can name Aruma as a beneficiary of your Superannuation fund, retirement or insurance plan without having to visit a solicitor. It’s as simple as logging into your Superannuation fund and adding or changing a beneficiary immediately, online or via a form.

Life insurance plan gift

A gift of life insurance is another way to make a significant contribution to Aruma.

Trust or private ancillary funds
We hope you will consider naming Aruma as a“successor” of your trust or private ancillary fund – or for a portion of the account – leaving the remaining portion for your loved ones to continue your legacy.

As with all gift planning, you should consult with your financial advisor and estate-planning solicitor to determine what planned gift strategy is best for your current tax situation and income requirements. Consulting estate-planning professionals will help ensure that your wishes to make a lasting impact will be fulfilled.

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