Gifts from trust and private ancillary funds

Aruma: Funding our Future

Did you know that Aruma: Funding our Future is our sub fund, part of a private ancillary fund (a PuAF)? Sounds confusing, we know, but it’s kind of like a trust fund. We started this sub fund to create sustainable giving. Each year the fund grows and a percentage is automatically given back to Aruma to help people with a disability – forever.

If you like the idea of giving a gift that will keep on supporting people with a disability long into the futur.e, please consider donating directly into Aruma: Funding our Future by contacting us today.

Make a Gift to Aruma Today

During your lifetime, you can recommend a grant to Aruma from your trust fund, private ancillary fund (PAF), of sub fund (PuAF) to make an immediate impact on the lives of our customers.

Click on your provider below and log in to your account to make a gift to Aruma.

Create Your Legacy of Philanthropy

The final distribution of contributions remaining in your trust fund or PAF after your lifetime can be donated when you create or update your fund.

If you decide to change your beneficiary designation to include Aruma, would you let us know? We would like to recognise you for your generosity and ensure that your gift is used as you intend.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about setting up your legacy gift or if you need more information.

6 ways you can make an impact with your trust fund or PAF

Memorialise, honour, or commemorate a loved one or an event.

Avoid capital gains by first transferring appreciated stock to your trust fund or PAF and then gifting it in minutes.

Teach your loved ones about charity and why you believe in giving back.

Build a sense of community (and make a bigger impact) by forming “giving circles” with other trust fund and PAF owners including friends and family members.

Bundle your charitable gifts (doing so could result in an opportunity to itemise your deductions in the same year).

Leave all or a portion of your account to charity simply by changing your beneficiary designation.

We hope you will consider naming Aruma as a beneficiary of your account. You may even designate Aruma to receive a portion of the account value, leaving the remaining portion for your loved ones to continue your legacy of philanthropy.

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Gifts from trust and private ancillary funds

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